The Jewelry is the Statement

New Year’s Eve may be over but you can still make a statement with some fun and sparkly baubles:

JEWELRY STATEMENT BLOGVintage Necklace- Kenneth Lane $75

Frog Clip Earrings-  Danielle Aurien $150

Vintage Pin- Rebecca Collins $180

Vintage Chanel Pearl Clip Earrings- $240

JEWELRY STATEMENT BLOG2Resin & Heart Bangles- Tory Burch $51

Insignia Bangle- Tory Burch $68

JEWELRY STATEMENT BLOGotherTeardrop Earrings- John Hardy $360

Hoop Earrings- John Hardy $200

Cross Pendant- John Hardy $200

Star of David Pendant- John Hardy $320

“Bamboo” Bangle- John Hardy $300

JEWELRY STATEMENT BLOG3Crystal/Rhinestone Drop Earrings- $400

JEWELRY STATEMENT BLOG5Hand-Beaded Necklace- Judy Moon $300

Quartz Bracelet- $300

Ring (left)- Rebecca $300

Crystal Ring (right)- $150