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A Classic Cowgirl

IMG_8824You don’t have to BE a cowgirl to feel like the star of a country western classic.

Fall Days, Two Ways


Fall style in the South can mean skirts or pants. Having options is never a bad thing!

Summer to Fall Transitions!

 Transition from Summer to Fall with a few layering tricks!

photo 3

  Summer Look:

Skirt – Coldwater Creek  Size 14  $12

Blouse – Line & Dot  Size Small  $32

Purse – Kristine  $20

Fall Look:

Top – Naked Zebra  Size Medium  $20

Sweater – Elm Designs  Size Small  $40

Necklace – Wooden Beads  $16

Belt – HC  $12

photo 2

Summer Look:

Top – Size Medium $12

Jeans – Size 29  $56

Necklace – Kukai Nut  $12

Shoes – Ilf Carrini  Size 6  $16

Fall Look:

Sweater – Size Small  $20

Scarf – $10

Shoes – C Label  Size 8  $28

photo 1

Summer Look:

Top – Line & Dot  Size Small  $40

Skirt – No Label  Size Medium  $36

Necklace – Acrylic Beads  $16

Purse – Talbots  $4

Shoes – Penny  Size 8  $16

Fall Look:

Top – Rundholz  Size Medium  $56

Necklace – LNG  $16

Purse – Marino Orlandi  $80

Shoes – Zalo  Size 9.5  $28


The Girls at Designer Renaissance


Scarves for Days!

This past week we received a TON of fabulous new scarves and we’ve been pondering new and different ways we can wear them. We came across the youtube video below that shows you 25 different ways to tie a scarf! We picked a few of our favorite ways, and had Brooke model them for you.




scarf post


scarf post 2

Here Brooke models “The Basic Loop”

Pashmina Scarf- $18

scarf post 3

This one is called “The Magic Trick”

Skull Scarf- $30

scarf post 4

Create a drapey effect with “The Waterfall”

Leopard Scarf- $30

scarf post 5

Brooke pulls off “The Twist and Pull” just marvelously, don’t you think?

Red Scarf- $28

scarf post 6

And last but not least, “The Fake Knot”!

Butterfly Scarf- $30

What are your favorites from the video?


The Girls at Designer Renaissance

Silk Scarves: A Year Round Accessory

Yesterday we were reading the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar and came across a great piece about wearing silk scarves year round. We already love accessorizing with scarves – they’re great tied to a handbag, worn knotted around the neck in the summer, or in the hair as a headband or turban, so we were thrilled to read that we can bring them into fall and winter too! Below is the image from Harper’s Bazaar, and some cold weather silk scarf looks that we put together:


Harper’s Bazaar September 2012

Coat- New York & Co. sz 18 $48

Graphic Scarf- Worth $7

Pair a bright coat with a graphic scarf for fun cold weather look. We draped the scarf around the neck and pulled one end to the front for an easy-going yet chic way to show off the print.

Cream Coat- Tulle sz M/L $40

Paisley Scarf- Talbots $12

For a more classic look, we paired a beige and maroon toned scarf with a cream wool coat. Add some tights and brown riding boots, and you could step right out of a Ralph Lauren ad 🙂

Faux Fur Leopard Coat- Moda sz XS $60

Striped Scarf- Vera $7

If you’re like us, you can’t wait to break out your faux leopard coat for fall (Don’t have one, you say?! We have a few… 😉 ). Pair it with a bright striped scarf that pops against the neutrals of the animal print for an eye catching and funky look.

How will you wear your silk scarves into fall?