These boots are made for walkin’

Tory Burch Size 8- $280

Tory Burch Size 8- $280

Long Lines

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Line up for linear lovlies 😎

Madam Mayor/President

Local candidate could sure runoff in this outfit. Good alternative to a pantsuit too!




it’s that time of year when it’s hard to figure out what season to wear…school has started, it’s hot outside, Fall clothes are in the stores…what the heck?

Here is one solution…late season flowers!

Meet Me in the Midi: Part Three

As a finale for our in-between series, channel your own Music Row rocker meets secretary vibes.

IMG_1515Top – Forever 21, Size M, $10

Skirt – Lily White, Size M, $10


The Girls at Designer Renaissance

Meet Me in the Midi: Part Two

In the conversation of in-between wardrobe staples, midi skirts are always on my mind.

IMG_1514Top – Imogene & Willie, Size L, $40

Skirt – Roper, Size S, $16


The Girls at Designer Renaissance