Dior and I…and you too!


Dior and I, the movie, is now playing at The Belcourt in Hillsboro Village. We were so inspired by the amazing work done at this famous aetlier and these are our homage…

Dior photos: style.com


Consider the Lillys…

FullSizeRenderIMG_4096IMG_4099  IMG_4098lily 3

Whether you want to emulate the Queen of Prep, Lilly Pulitzer, or just show your happy outlook, we have Lillys by the bunch!

Black & Bright

Do you hesitate to wear black in the Summer? Have no fear (unless you’ll be in direct sunlight). Here we pair black and bright prints with cool accessories to enjoy all Summer long.

You can wear this on a boat, you probably won’t need a coat…

You can wear this to a park, this combo will hit the mark…

You can go to farmers market…you may be mistaken for a starlet…hehehe

mariefull length thongs

Tory Burch Flip Flops- size 7- $40

Whether you kick up your heels in the pointy pumps or flat metallics you are sure to have a blast in the black and bright overalls.

over all leg up purse silver

J Crew metallic flat sandals size 9 – $48

BCBGirls Pointy pumps size 6.5 – $16

Leather crossbody with bow – $20

Very CUTE overalls size M – $20

Summer Nights, Summer Weddings – it’s perfectly fine to wear black to a wedding these days, especially when it’s black and bright. Add a shawl in case you get chilly and some great pearls to make dressing for your special Summer occasions a breeze.

FullSizeRender IMG_4112 IMG_4113

Kate Spade purse – $48

J Crew pearl earrings – $24

Weill NWT dress – size M – $36

Lots of Dots!

Whether you’ve been awarded the Polka Dot jersey in the Tour de France

or you fit into your yellow polka dot bikini, dots make us happy…Enjoy!IMG_4100bikiniIMG_4092FullSizeRender

Happy Dot day to you.

Happy Dot day to you.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Peeking at the calendar, you notice that Sunday the 10th is circled. Why could that be? Anniversary? No…Birthday? You don’t think so…Deadline? Nope…Oh no! It’s Mother’s Day, you realize, having completely forgotten to buy your mom a present.

Never fear; Designer Renaissance is here with potential presents abound!

Stop by and find the perfect statement necklace for your mother’s funky style…


Left: $100

Right: $36

…a floral fixture as sweet as she is…

mday2Left: $36

Right: $48

…or a dainty decal to give her outfit “a mother’s touch.”


Left: $36

Right: $200

In case you’ve found yourself in a last-minute panic these year, come on by to everyone and their mother’s favorite consignment shop. ūüôā


  The Girls at Designer Renaissance 

Inspired By: Mean Girls

A mere week ago, one truly iconic piece of American cinema celebrated its 11th birthday. On April 30th, 2004, Mean Girls was born. To celebrate, here’s our interpretation of a few iconic styles:

i. Cady’s Party Dress

meangirls2 mg1

Dress – Handmade, Size 4, $16

Necklace – $12

Shoes – Jessica Simpson, Size 8.5, $20

ii. Regina George’s Streetwear

 meangirls3 mg2

Tank – Stella McCartney, Size S, $48

Jacket – Mossimo, Size L, $10

Skort – Kate Lord, Size 10, $12

iii. Janis Ian’s Schoolwear

mg janis mg3

Striped top – Size M, $50

Linen tank – Flax, Size S, $28

Necklace – $12

Jeggings – Miracle, Size 4, $16

Shoes – Wild Pair, Size 7.5/8, $32

If you’re looking for an outfit that’s so fetch, come on by & we’ll help you out.


  The Girls at Designer Renaissance 

Party What??

You’ve heard of a party dress…maybe even a party shirt…but what is your closet really missing?


Party pants!

Why should tops and dresses get all the fun patterns, funky colors, and loving attention? Pants can be fun too, as seem below:

i. the bold


Top – Anlo, Size S/M, $20

Pants – Flying Tomato, Size M, $24

Necklace – $24

Shoes – Cole Haan, Size 7, $36

ii. the neutral


Top – Pronto Moda, Size S, $50

Pants – Maite, Size S/M, $28

Necklace – $10

Shoes – Prada, Size 7, $140

The next time you find yourself longing for an exciting new outfit for a fun night out, pick out some pretty, patterned party pants!


  The Girls at Designer Renaissance 

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