Inspired By: Mean Girls

A mere week ago, one truly iconic piece of American cinema celebrated its 11th birthday. On April 30th, 2004, Mean Girls was born. To celebrate, here’s our interpretation of a few iconic styles:

i. Cady’s Party Dress

meangirls2 mg1

Dress – Handmade, Size 4, $16

Necklace – $12

Shoes – Jessica Simpson, Size 8.5, $20

ii. Regina George’s Streetwear

 meangirls3 mg2

Tank – Stella McCartney, Size S, $48

Jacket – Mossimo, Size L, $10

Skort – Kate Lord, Size 10, $12

iii. Janis Ian’s Schoolwear

mg janis mg3

Striped top – Size M, $50

Linen tank – Flax, Size S, $28

Necklace – $12

Jeggings – Miracle, Size 4, $16

Shoes – Wild Pair, Size 7.5/8, $32

If you’re looking for an outfit that’s so fetch, come on by & we’ll help you out.


  The Girls at Designer Renaissance 


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