Musical Matchup: So Groovy Now

Flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, birds are singing…you know what that means: festival season is almost here! With the onslaught of music of all genres and styles, you may want to let your wardrobe adopt a funky flair of its own. Here are some groovy get-ups and far out outfits to keep you inspired this season:


groovy1Shirt – Island Planet, Size S, $8

Hat – Lagomarsi, $20

Necklace – Chicos, $32 $24

Belt – Suzi Roher, Size S/M, $68 $17

Shorts – Vintage, Size 4/6, $12



Crochet Top – Ella Moss, Size S, $12

Linen Tank – Flax, Size S, $36

Pants – Flying Tom, Size M, $24

Shoes – Bed Stu, Size 10, $88 $22



Top – Ellison, Size M, $20

Dress – Size M, $16

Necklace – $20 $15

Shoes – Everybody, Size 8, $48

Stay groovy!


☮  The Girls at Designer Renaissance 

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