Nothing’s better than a picnic…

As firm believers of the titular Zooey Deschanel quote, we here at Designer Renaissance couldn’t be more excited for this long-awaited weather. Finally, we can leave ours furs at home and also not worry about sweating off our makeup! Not too hot, not too cool- but just right: that indescribable equilibrium that only spring can bring.

As you too revel in this glorious weather, you may find yourself looking for a little weather-appropriate style inspiration, so we’re here to help:



Blouse – Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply, Size M, $20

Skirt – Joe’s Jeans, Size M, $16

Bag – ASOS, $10

Shoes – Ecote, Size 8, $32



Top – Keds, Size L, $12

Cardigan – Tory Burch, Size M, $48

Pants – Graham & Spencer, Size S/M, $68

Shoes – Joie, Size 6.5, $48



Dress – Betsey Johnson, Size 6, $32

Necklace – Coldwater Creek, $24

Tote – Sorial, $60

Boots – Marc Jacobs, Size 8, $68 $44

Whether you’re finding yourself planning a picturesque picnic or a promenade by the park, be sure to stop by and find something that will suit you (and the weather!) perfectly.


 ☼ The Girls at Designer Renaissance ☼

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