Here Comes Peter Cottontail…

It seems like we were just rattling our noisemakers to ring in the New Year, but believe it or not, Easter is just over a week away! To celebrate, come on by and find a springtime sundress perfect for this pastel holiday:


easter 1

Blouse: Size M, $12

Necklace: X and Dash, $16 $4

Dress: Leifsdottir, Size 8, $48

Shoes: Bandolino, Size 8, $20


easter 2

Blouse: American Apparel, Size S, $12

Dress: Monteau, Size M, $28

Necklace: $16

Shoes: Sam Edelman, Size 7, $20


easter 3

Dress: Banana Republic, Size 10, $28

Jacket: Paraella, Size S, $16

Necklace: $16

Shoes: Cynthia Vincent, Size 6.5, $68


easter 4

Dress: Size XS, $24

Jacket: Smythe, Size 4, $120

Necklace: $16

Happy, happy Easter!


 ☼ The Girls at Designer Renaissance ☼

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