Tee Time!

It’s February.

The holidays are over, and spring is just around the corner-but before we get ahead of ourselves, it’s still freezing outside. As you stare into your wardrobe and sigh, you attempt to plan an outfit. Skinny jeans? Too confining. Leather jacket? Too stiff. Maxi dress? Too formal. And so once again, you find yourself reaching for that universal closet staple: the t-shirt, the reigning champ of comfort, I-Woke-Up-Like-This style, and effortless coolness.

But just because you decide comfort is your first priority doesn’t mean you can’t look cute!


Tee – Deletta, Size S, $28

Cardigan – Victim, Size L, $24

Jeggings – Helmut Lang, Size 29, $56

Boots – 80%20, Size 9, $10

Necklace – Cherry, $16


Tee – Rubbish, Size S, $12 $9

Pants – Monteau, Size S, $12

Collar – $10

Belt – Brighton, Size M/L, $28

Shoes – Dolls, Size 7, $16


Tee – Go Couture, Size M, $32

Skort – TopShop, Size 2, $20

Jacket – Daftbird, Size S, $28

Necklace – $20 $15

Shoes – Acidulie, Size 7.5, $24

What would we do without these trusttee tops?


The Girls at Designer Renaissance


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