How to Wear: Gingham!

It’s finally feeling like summer here in Nashville, and we’ve got fresh air and sunshine on our minds! Everyone loves a picnic in the park, but you don’t want to look like the tablecloth. Check out how to rock some gingham, below:

gingham blog2Blazer- Donna Degnan sz 4 $36

Blouse- Zara sz S $24

Jeans- Siwy sz 27 $68

Necklace- $88


Blouse- Paper Tee sz S $16

Cardigan- J Crew sz XS $20

Skirt- Richard Malcolm sz 8 $24

Peace Sign Necklace- $20

Other Necklace- $24

Scarf- $10

Hat- $12

gingham blog3Top- Kimchi Blue sz S $28

Cardigan- Plein Sud Jeans sz S $48

Skirt- Lilly Pulitzer sz M $24

Metallic Belt- Omega sz S $12

gingham blog4

Blouse- Columbia sz M $20

Skirt- Motto sz 6 $20

Wrap Belt- Hype sz S $12

Howlite Stone Necklace- $48


The Girls at Designer Renaissance

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