Scarves for Days!

This past week we received a TON of fabulous new scarves and we’ve been pondering new and different ways we can wear them. We came across the youtube video below that shows you 25 different ways to tie a scarf! We picked a few of our favorite ways, and had Brooke model them for you.




scarf post


scarf post 2

Here Brooke models “The Basic Loop”

Pashmina Scarf- $18

scarf post 3

This one is called “The Magic Trick”

Skull Scarf- $30

scarf post 4

Create a drapey effect with “The Waterfall”

Leopard Scarf- $30

scarf post 5

Brooke pulls off “The Twist and Pull” just marvelously, don’t you think?

Red Scarf- $28

scarf post 6

And last but not least, “The Fake Knot”!

Butterfly Scarf- $30

What are your favorites from the video?


The Girls at Designer Renaissance


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