The Rule of Thirds: How to Dress Proportionately!

We all know the importance of dressing for your shape, but did you know there’s a specific math to it? We’ve been reading up about the Golden Mean of Fashion- it’s all about choosing pieces that break up your outfit into thirds!

We know, fashion and math?! But stay with us, it’s worth it! So why is this important? Dressing in uneven proportions elongates the body and is aesthetically pleasing. Basically you want to avoid cutting your body in half with the pieces you wear, because it makes you look boxy and unflattering.

We’ve put together a few outfits below to show you how you can use the rule of thirds when you get dressed every day:

rule of thirds

Sweater- Moda sz M $40

Blouse- Vintage sz M $32

Knit Pencil Skirt- American Apparel sz S $20

Wooden Bead Necklace- Happiness, $28

Long Necklace- $36

Metallic Heels- Jessica Simpson sz 8 $18

Pair a longer sweater with a pencil skirt for crisp look that puts 2/3 on top, and 1/3 on the bottom. It’s also important to note that the pieces both have the same lines, which helps elongate the body even more.

rule of thirds 2

Purple Dress- Amanda Uprichard sz XS $35

Blazer- H&M sz 4 $20

Belt- The Limited sz S $2.50

Metallic Heels- Jessica Simpson sz 9 $6

In this look we used color to break up the outfit into thirds. Pair a mid length shirt dress, and a long blazer in bright colors for a fun office appropriate look, and belt it to keep it from looking boxy.

rule of thirds 3Wrap Sweater- Krisa sz M $100

Leopard Top- Jones NY sz S $3

Denim Blouse- Eddie Bauer sz S $12

Skirt- Theory sz 2 $66

Necklace- Talbots $24

Perforated Heels- Seven for All Mankind sz 5.5 $51

If you’re a long skirt lover, make sure you’re wearing them with tops that are not too long (For example, you should not pair a long sweater like the one we used in the first outfit with maxi skirt!) . This ensemble puts 1/3 on top and 2/3 on bottom. You can still have fun with layering (you know we do!), just make sure you’re mixing pieces that are the right length for the skirt. And like the look above, the belt on the cardigan sweater cinches in the waist to give your body definition.

Did you know we can help you put together outfits if you come in and shop? If you need help figuring out this whole Golden Mean thing come and see us 🙂

Enjoy your fabulous Thursday!


The Girls at Designer Renaissance

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