Chic & Fun Holiday Stocking Stuffers- Part 1!

Happy December everyone! Doesn’t it seem like the holidays have just crept up on us this year? Of course, we’ve all got our big holiday shopping out of the way, right? 😉 (Don’t worry, we haven’t either). It seems like every year the little things get left until the last minute, so we’ve come up with some fabulous, easy, and affordable small gifts for everyone on your list!


Tribal Cuff- $4

Glitter Bangle- $4

Betsey Johnson Leopard Heart Necklace- $16

Resin 2 Tone Chain Necklace- $24

Fun and funky costume jewelry make great gifts for anyone who loves to accessorize. Come in and shop the grab bag jewelry baskets for chic baubles to adorn any fashionista’s stocking!


Coach Sequin Phone Wristlet- $32

Urban Outfitters Embroidered Floral Wallet- $20

Juicy Couture Quilted Velvet Clutch- $40

Give a sparkly wristlet and you might inspire the perfect New Year’s Eve outfit!


Joan River’s Purse Charms $20 each

Speaking of handbags, we have a lovely assortment of these fun and quirky purse charms by Joan Rivers. Perfect for someone who refuses to carry anything but that one purse!


Lace Overlay Headband $12

Silver Bow Headband- $12

Fur & Velvet Earmuffs- $20

Gift some funky headgear with our fun assortment of headbands and even some fuzzy earmuffs. Also, don’t forget about those fabulous fur hoods we featured in our last post!

If we haven’t quite sparked your stocking stuffing interests, stay tuned for part 2 in a few days 🙂


The Girls at Designer Renaissance

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