Is it Lust or Love?

Just humor us for a few minutes and take in all the Wonderful Fabulousness of these gorgeous designer pieces we are lusting over for Fall.

What more could you ask for in a bootie??


Sam Edelman: $120.00 (size 6.5)

Okay, so you like riding boots? Please hold your applause until after the show….


Frye: $240 (size 8.5)

Oh tote! I shall carry thee around every day and every night!


Paolo Masi: $240.00

It’s love!……No, lust!..Love?…….Lust??


Marnie: $200

I promise if you buy this for me I’ll wear it everyday!  With dresses or tee shirts….I’ll wear it to the swimming pool even!


Handcrafted: $176.00

You are my Abalone with Sterling Silver;

you make me happy when I am sad.

You’ll never know dear how much I love you. 

Please don’t take my Abalone away…..


Michael Dawkins: $400.00

Tell me you wouldn’t live in this skirt during the Fall and Winter.


Marc Jacobs: $640.00 (size 2)

Wrap your polka dots around me Coat, and keep me warm this Winter!


Manoush: $300.00 (size 8)

Yes, we have more items here; but you’ll have to come in to see them in all their grandeur!


The Girls at Designer Renaissance

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