Brilliant in Beige – Our Favorite Bag Picks for the Week!



You should rush yourself in here and pick up this perfect FENDI bag before it’s gone! With stylish embellishments, playful linked chain handles, and a beautiful logo, this bag could be paired with any outfit! The leather is buttery, smooth and luscious – once you pick it up, you won’t ever want to set it back down. I’m not even kidding. AND REMEMBER! WE HAVE LAYAWAY!



JAMIE’S Crystal Embellished Clutch – $400


ABOVE: Michael Kors Wicker & Patent Clutch, $100
BELOW: Celebrate Titanic being re-released in theaters this spring in 3D with this beautiful, hand crafted wooden masterpiece by designer Timmy Woods. The only thing better than that – is the fact that this piece is hand signed! $400


Every time I see Timmy Woods’ designs, I can’t help but think of Carrie Bradshaw from Sex in the City. Fabulous. Each bag has attached straps – so carry it as a clutch, or sling it across your shoulder. They each also come with dust bags to keep them safe and sound. $100


Leaning a little to the left? This bag is for you! Originally coined as the symbol of the Democratic party by political cartoonist Thomas Nast in reference to Thomas Jefferson, this adorable little patriotic donkey is waiting for a good home! Who could say no to that cute face? $120

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