Saved by Summery Tops!

I personally cannot wait for summer because 1) the pollen count will go down, 2) cute lightweight tees, and 3) more specifically tie dye and watercolor inspired tops!  I found this adorable shirt by Lush here for $20.00.  Here are three ways to wear the watercolor tee look.

Mossimo (dress): $10.00; Belt: $16 .00; Necklace: $28.00; Lush (top): $20.00

Don’t be scared to pair floral with tie dye or watercolor splotch pieces.

Modern Amusements (shorts): $36.00; Necklace: $20.00; Lush (top): $20.00

Or don’t be shy to try stripes with another print!

Amy B (skirt): $12.00; Belt: $16.00; Saks 5th Ave (top): $16.00;

Necklace: $16.00; necklace: $16.00

Have fun with your multicolored clothes!


The Girls at Designer Renaissance

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