Brilliant in Beige – Our Favorite Bag Picks for the Week!



You should rush yourself in here and pick up this perfect FENDI bag before it’s gone! With stylish embellishments, playful linked chain handles, and a beautiful logo, this bag could be paired with any outfit! The leather is buttery, smooth and luscious – once you pick it up, you won’t ever want to set it back down. I’m not even kidding. AND REMEMBER! WE HAVE LAYAWAY!



JAMIE’S Crystal Embellished Clutch – $400


ABOVE: Michael Kors Wicker & Patent Clutch, $100
BELOW: Celebrate Titanic being re-released in theaters this spring in 3D with this beautiful, hand crafted wooden masterpiece by designer Timmy Woods. The only thing better than that – is the fact that this piece is hand signed! $400


Every time I see Timmy Woods’ designs, I can’t help but think of Carrie Bradshaw from Sex in the City. Fabulous. Each bag has attached straps – so carry it as a clutch, or sling it across your shoulder. They each also come with dust bags to keep them safe and sound. $100


Leaning a little to the left? This bag is for you! Originally coined as the symbol of the Democratic party by political cartoonist Thomas Nast in reference to Thomas Jefferson, this adorable little patriotic donkey is waiting for a good home! Who could say no to that cute face? $120

Making the Most of your Wardrobe

Most of us don’t have the space to store the abundance of clothes, shoes, and jewelery that we would like.  So we have to make the most of what we have.  Nobody likes dressing in the same outfit everyday like a cartoon; however, there are ways to keep your wardrobe small, but packed with flavor!

I chose six pieces and made 10 different outfits, but there is a lot more I could do with just these six.


This is a dress with a trendy maxi skirt over it!  Super easy and cute!

This is done with the same mini dress and the adorable free people vest.

Try putting a tee shirt over the top of the dress!  Remember, shoes and jewelery can change the whole look!

When buying new clothes, keep in mind what things you already have that would match.

By rolling up the sleeves of the shirt, untying it, and adding a vest you get a whole new look!

Here’s a new piece in the mix!  A pair of dark purple skinny jeans.

Yes, this one looks familiar, but still different.  Try tucking in your shirt and adding a cute vest to your look!

Having a cute blouse can pretty much go with anything!  If it is a neutral then it is even easier to pair.

Again, putting a blouse over the mini dress and adding a vest is super easy and shows your style.

This is the same look with different vests and necklaces.  Gotcha!

Special Thanks to:

“Urban Renewal” Stripe vest: $24.00; The Doors “Junkfood” tee: $28.00; “JM Collection” skirt: $20.00; “Free People” vest: $48.00; “H&M” blouse: $16.00; “Glam” dress: $ 28.00; “Adriano Goldschmeid” jeans: $80.00

“Express” necklace: $20.00; multi-color necklace: $ 24.00; Horn/Wood necklace: $12.00; green beads/chain necklace: $ 18.00

There are a few more outfits you cam make out of these, but remember the simplest changes can make all the difference!  Keep this in mind when you are traveling, going on tour, taking a vacation, or simply cleaning out your closet!

Ciao Bellas!


The Girls at Designer Renaissance

Smell Scentsational for Spring! New Fragrances to Brighten Your Day.

We’re all busy revamping our spring wardrobe, but let’s not forget what else needs a sweet spring change – your fragrance! Tuck away those deep musky smells for winter and come exhilarate your senses with a fruity, floral or earthy scent that will fight off any remaining winter blues and carry you straight into spring.

Whatever your poison, sweet or sultry, come get your floral fix with our wide array of  Marc Jacobs fragrances!
Lady Million, $66 ( Not Marc)  Daisy, $68 Daisy – Oh So Fresh, $68 Lola, $66


Gucci Flora, $76 Also pictured: Lola + Daisy

Top Left: Gucci Flora, $76,  Issey Miyake – L’eau D’se, $72, Acqua Di Gioia, $48, Dolce + Gabbana, Dreaming in Portofino, $68

Top Right: Thierry Mugler  – Alien, $5,  Givenchy – Very Irresistible, $60, Victoria’s Secret – Bombshell, $32, Jean Paul Gaultier- Gaultier, $48

Put a SPRING in your step with some cute new shoes!

If you have a case of spring fever, the only cure is to buy new shoes!
With that in mind, let us help you find the perfect pair to go with all of your adorable new spring outfits.

Whether you’re going to be spending time indoors, or out –  your feet will be perfectly happy stepping out in a pair of designer shoes.  Come check us out, and come see these beauties in person!

Left to Right: Nicole Sz 10 – $48,  White Buffalo Moccasins Sz 10 – $120,  Bacio Sz 10 – $48

Loeffer Randall Taupe Sandal Sz  9.5, $48

Dani Black Beige Sandal Sz 7 – $120

The above collection reminds me of camping. Not like you could camp in high heels… but IF you could, what better way to adorn your feet?  So, ditch the grass for some pavement and try “Glamping” instead.

Chanel Quilted Pump Sz 9, $120
Looking for something a little more classic for your taste? We’ve got you covered.

Sam Edelman Spiked/Studded Heel Sz 8.5, $100
These also double as a weapon! Just saying! I’m all about multi-purpose.

Sachelle Sunshine Yellow Wedge Sz 8, $48

Maybe grass, trees and all the allergies that come with them just aren’t your thing. You could always spend your time on the lake in these adorable sunshine yellow wedges.  Pair them with an adorable swimsuit, shorts or a flirty summer dress.

So stop on by to find your perfect spring pairings.  Ciao Bellas!


The Girls at Designer Renaissance

Saved by Summery Tops!

I personally cannot wait for summer because 1) the pollen count will go down, 2) cute lightweight tees, and 3) more specifically tie dye and watercolor inspired tops!  I found this adorable shirt by Lush here for $20.00.  Here are three ways to wear the watercolor tee look.

Mossimo (dress): $10.00; Belt: $16 .00; Necklace: $28.00; Lush (top): $20.00

Don’t be scared to pair floral with tie dye or watercolor splotch pieces.

Modern Amusements (shorts): $36.00; Necklace: $20.00; Lush (top): $20.00

Or don’t be shy to try stripes with another print!

Amy B (skirt): $12.00; Belt: $16.00; Saks 5th Ave (top): $16.00;

Necklace: $16.00; necklace: $16.00

Have fun with your multicolored clothes!


The Girls at Designer Renaissance