Polo Pairing

I know you have at least one polo shirt.  Sometimes I just get so frustrated with them because they can be paired with more than just jeans or slacks.  Here are three different ways to use your polo this season to make a statement.

Gentle Fawn (skirt): $48.00; Dina Be (top): $28.00; Lacoste (top): $20.00;

Necklace: $12.00; Necklace: $12.00

Fletcher (shorts): $32.00; Lacoste (top): $20.00;Marc Jacobs (cardigan): $ 240.00;

Necklace: $10.00

Pura Vida (dress): $7.00; Sparrow (cardigan): $28.00; Lacoste (top): $20.00

Next time you throw on a polo, remember that it doesn’t take much to liven it up!

Ciao Bellas!


The Girls at Designer Renaissance

Bows and Stripes

I just saw this adorable shirt by Living Doll for $16.00 and absolutely had to make an outfit with it!  I also did it with minimal layering since it is so hot outside.  Here you go!


Sweetees (belt/dress): $48.00; Necklace: $20.00

Sandro (shorts): $100.00; scarf: $20.00; necklace: $12.00, belt: $20.00

Gentle Fawn (underskirt): $24.00; Free People (skirt): $148; necklace: $24.00

Ciao Bellas!


The Girls at Designer Renaissance


It’s All in the Beads

Instead of using a piece of clothing for inspiration, I decided to use a great bracelet to show how easy it is to create interesting looks with a simple stretchy bracelet!

This bracelet is being sold here for $10.00, but I’m sure you have something like it to inspire you at home.

Anthropologie (skirt): $56.00; Dept(top): $40.00; Mine (top): $24.00; belt: $16.00; necklace: $28.00

Arden B (top): $32.00; Serfontaine (jean): $68.00; Necklace: $12.00; Necklace: $36.00

Alexander Wang (dress): $24.00; Free People (tunic): $40.00; St. John (vest): $12.00;

belt: $24.00; necklace: $36.00

Now dig in your jewelry box and get inspired!

Ciao Bellas


The Girls at Designer Renaissance

Tie Dye to Die For

When has tie dye ever gone out of style?  Mmmm….Never!  So find yourself an awesome tie dye piece like this silk vest and mix up all your favorite pieces with it.  I used this MM Couture vest for $36.00


Arden B (top): $24.00; The Pixie (shorts): $27.00; Chico’s (necklace): $24.00; MM Couture (vest):$36.00

Silence and Noise (shorts): $24.00; Young, Fabulous, & Broke (top): $48.00; MM Couture (vest):$36.00

Necklace: $20.00; Necklace: $16.00; Scarf: $16.00; Belt: $16.00

Star City (skirt): $24.00; Chasor (top): $28.00; Necklace: $15.00;

Belt: $16.00; MM Couture (vest):$36.00

So get some fun outfits planned in your head for the summer.  Or even plan a day to tie dye your silk vest or top!

Ciao Bellas!


The Girls at Designer Renaissance