Revamp it Up!

Even though maxi skirts aren’t the biggest trend this Spring, don’t think they’re not cute anymore!  I’ve always loved them and think they’ll always be adorable.  Here are a few ways to style a lace maxi (since lace is so big!).  Have fun and don’t be shy about revamping older trends : )

Max Studio (skirt): $24.00; XCIT USA (undershirt): $12.00; Rheea & Co (top): $16.00;

Kalan (necklace): $28.00; Nepal (scarf): $16.99

Doncaster (top): $20.00; Vineyard Vines (cardigan): $40.00; necklace: $16.00;

Locket (pearl and coral): $24.00; Felgar (scarf): $24.00

Charlotte Russe (top with belt): $12.00; Mike & Chris (cardigan): $48.00;

scarf : $4.00; necklace: $20.00

Belt: $16.00; Yochi NY: $32.00; Tulle: $40.00

So don’t go on and throw your maxi skirts out!  They are still adorable and can be styled nicely!

Ciao Bellas!


The Girls at Designer Renaissance

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