Oh my Lace!

What to do with your lace tops?  They always looks good with a tank and jeans, but here are a few ways you can get out of that mold and spice up your lace.

Mix up styles by pairing a leather jacket with a feminine, flouncy skirt.

DKNY (skirt): $36.00; LA Movers (top): $16.00; Cynthia Ashby (under shirt): $88.00;

Xhileration (blazer): $8.o0; Chico’s (necklace): $32.00

Just keep it simple with a jean skirt and flats.

BDG (skirt): $20.00; C (top): $28.00; Belt: $6.00;

Eagle necklace: $12.00; Strawberry necklace: $16.00

Or if you still want to wear jeans with your lace top, put a tee shirt on underneath and a vest over it!

Salsa 1st (jeans): $80.00; Rag & Bone (top): $40.00; Millau (vest): $12.00;

Free People (top): $72.00; Locket: $20.00; Necklace: $16.00

Now you can look cute and adorable as well as edgy in you lace tops!


The Girls at Designer Renaissance


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