Love the Tee

Some days I just want to throw on one of my favorite band tee shirts.  Here are a few ways to inspire you to wear something besides your distressed jeans on those T-shirt days.

Belt: $24.00; Ghost(cardigan): $51.00; LOL(top): $28.00;

Hazel (leggings): $40.00; Necklace: $10.00

Free People (pants): $48.o0; Trunk (top): $28.00; Scarf: $9.00; Beledini (cardigan): $40.00;

Laundry (purse): $24.00; Necklace: $20.00; Necklace: $6.00; Locket: $20.00

Michael Kors (skirt): $48.00; Out of Print (top): $16.00;

Pretty Good (cardigan): $20.00; Necklace: $12.00

Subtitled (stripe top): $24.00; American Apparel (top): $16.00; Good Clothes (skirt): $16.00;

Scarves: $10.00, $16.00; Necklace: $12.00

So don’t feel drabby when sporting your favorite Tee!  It can be stylish too.  Also, never forget the standard plain white Tee with jeans, some necklaces, and your favorite pair of shoes–with that you’ll always look adorable.  I promise!

Ciao Bellas!


The Girls at Designer Renaissance


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