Chasing Chiffon

Boys simply don’t understand how fun a lace frilly skirt really is!  And you can style it a bunch of different ways to keep the fun flowing (pun intended : )).  Here are three ways I styled this ivory chiffon Gold Hawk skirt for $16.00.


LA Made (top): $16.00; Deletta (vest): $28.00; necklace: $15.00

Blanc Noir (top): $12.0o; LAL (jacket): $8.00; necklace: $20.00; geo necklace: $24.00

T-Bags (top): $10.00, Gap (top): $16.00; Belt: $20.00; Lucky (necklace): $5.00; necklace: $12.00

Go put on your flouncy skirt and twirl around because it is cute, fun, and makes everyone happy!


The Girls at Designer Renaissance

Oh, Louis Louis

Yes!  We have a ton of new designer bags in stock right now.  Check out some of our favorites.

Fendi: $800.00

Marni: $200.00

Prada: $1,050

Louis Vuitton: $620.00

Louis Vuitton: $1,665.00

Enjoy the eye candy!


The Girls at Designer Renaissance

Vintage Value

I personally love vintage clothing.  One reason is because it is so unique and one of a kind; however, the prices at Vintage stores are incredibly harsh on the wallet.  But Surprise!  There are other places that have Vintage: consignment stores (like Designer Renaissance), craft and art fairs, flea markets, and I’ve also had luck finding vintage things at Goodwill (and still in very good shape).  Once you discover your Vintage supplier and begin the collection, the next step is styling it.


This look accentuates the classic style of this vintage dress.  It is so cute for going out to brunch, getting lunch with the girls, going to church, or even going on a date!

The French Shoppe (raincoat): $45.00; Vicky Vaughn(dress): $80.00; Necklace: $20.00

and of course, keep it sweet by pairing it with vintage inspired nude heels like these Etienne Aigner sling backs for $24.00

This look does the total opposite.  I paired the extremely feminine vintage blouse with super hip jeans to give it more edge.

Jeans (Gstar): $80.00; Vintage top: $16.00; Banana Republic Belt: $16.00;

C & C California (vest): $20.00; Both necklaces: $20.00

A lot of vintage things can be styled rather simply if they have an intricate design like this one.  I made sure this look was all about showing off the adorable embroidery on the blouse.

Blouse: $16.00; Banana Republic (skirt): $24.00; Belt: $16.00; Necklace: $20.00

Good luck on finding your Vintage Treasures!


The Girls at Designer Renaissance

Revamp it Up!

Even though maxi skirts aren’t the biggest trend this Spring, don’t think they’re not cute anymore!  I’ve always loved them and think they’ll always be adorable.  Here are a few ways to style a lace maxi (since lace is so big!).  Have fun and don’t be shy about revamping older trends : )

Max Studio (skirt): $24.00; XCIT USA (undershirt): $12.00; Rheea & Co (top): $16.00;

Kalan (necklace): $28.00; Nepal (scarf): $16.99

Doncaster (top): $20.00; Vineyard Vines (cardigan): $40.00; necklace: $16.00;

Locket (pearl and coral): $24.00; Felgar (scarf): $24.00

Charlotte Russe (top with belt): $12.00; Mike & Chris (cardigan): $48.00;

scarf : $4.00; necklace: $20.00

Belt: $16.00; Yochi NY: $32.00; Tulle: $40.00

So don’t go on and throw your maxi skirts out!  They are still adorable and can be styled nicely!

Ciao Bellas!


The Girls at Designer Renaissance

Nashville Nights

Here’s the first installment of our guide to Nashville.  We will make an outfit and then give you some suggestions on the fun places you can wear it to.

I love this because it lets you wear something that could be super dressy in a very casual way.

So find a long skirt and make it casual in your own way.   How about buying tickets to  South Pacific at TPAC, go swing dancing every 3rd Sunday of the month at the Farmer’s Market, see a Marilyn Monroe film at the Belcourt and then listen to some tunes at Taps & Tapas across the street.  Or wear this for a funky Valentine’s Day date!

Wherever you wear a look like this remember to be CONFIDENT and you will look great!

Ciao Bellas!


The Girls at Designer Renaissance

Oh my Lace!

What to do with your lace tops?  They always looks good with a tank and jeans, but here are a few ways you can get out of that mold and spice up your lace.

Mix up styles by pairing a leather jacket with a feminine, flouncy skirt.

DKNY (skirt): $36.00; LA Movers (top): $16.00; Cynthia Ashby (under shirt): $88.00;

Xhileration (blazer): $8.o0; Chico’s (necklace): $32.00

Just keep it simple with a jean skirt and flats.

BDG (skirt): $20.00; C (top): $28.00; Belt: $6.00;

Eagle necklace: $12.00; Strawberry necklace: $16.00

Or if you still want to wear jeans with your lace top, put a tee shirt on underneath and a vest over it!

Salsa 1st (jeans): $80.00; Rag & Bone (top): $40.00; Millau (vest): $12.00;

Free People (top): $72.00; Locket: $20.00; Necklace: $16.00

Now you can look cute and adorable as well as edgy in you lace tops!


The Girls at Designer Renaissance


Love the Tee

Some days I just want to throw on one of my favorite band tee shirts.  Here are a few ways to inspire you to wear something besides your distressed jeans on those T-shirt days.

Belt: $24.00; Ghost(cardigan): $51.00; LOL(top): $28.00;

Hazel (leggings): $40.00; Necklace: $10.00

Free People (pants): $48.o0; Trunk (top): $28.00; Scarf: $9.00; Beledini (cardigan): $40.00;

Laundry (purse): $24.00; Necklace: $20.00; Necklace: $6.00; Locket: $20.00

Michael Kors (skirt): $48.00; Out of Print (top): $16.00;

Pretty Good (cardigan): $20.00; Necklace: $12.00

Subtitled (stripe top): $24.00; American Apparel (top): $16.00; Good Clothes (skirt): $16.00;

Scarves: $10.00, $16.00; Necklace: $12.00

So don’t feel drabby when sporting your favorite Tee!  It can be stylish too.  Also, never forget the standard plain white Tee with jeans, some necklaces, and your favorite pair of shoes–with that you’ll always look adorable.  I promise!

Ciao Bellas!


The Girls at Designer Renaissance