Is it Really Winter?

Hopefully all of you had the most fabulous Holiday and New Year’s Eve Celebration possible.  I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed my vacation; however, I hated the lack of snow!  One of my favorite things about winter is sledding, snowmen, and snow angels, and sadly I didn’t do any of those.  But the real mystery is why it is still in the 50’s and 40’s when it’s supposed to be freezing!  With this said, these outfits are for the new kind of Winter–a warmer Winter

Add those adorable brown boots I know you have with some sweater socks poking out the top and you are good to go!

Maggy London (dress): $21.00; Jigsaw (sweater top): $27.00; Lucky Brand (cardigan): $18.00; leather necklaces: $12.00 each; Necklace: $8.00

This is great for those days you need a little extra warmth, but not too much.

Theme (top): $8.00; Peruvian Connection (cardigan): $30.00; Anoname (jeans): $14.00; Belt: $12.00

Add some color–it’s the New Year!  Start it off right by wearing some cheerful colors with grey or brown tights!

Pure Good (long sleeve top): $15.00; Anthropologie (top): $27.00; Dimri (skirt): $10.00; Belt: $8.00

We are starting to put out our Spring clothes today!  So if you have too many warm pieces,

stop on by and we will help you out.

Ciao Bellas!


The Girls at Designer Renaissance


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