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Here are some new things we’ve got in that I simply adore!  Enjoy!





Money Saving Monday

Need to save money?  Simple: check out the sale merchandise!  I saved a whole bunch of money today with sale items.  And money saving is just so much fun that I went a little overboard with editing on (which is closing down in April, so use it NOW!)

Sheri Boden (skirt): $48.o0; Catherine Malandrino (top): $56.00; Jessica Simpson (purse): $48.00; necklace: $20.00

Total before discounts: $172.oo

Total After Discounts: $55.00

Savings of: $117.00

Zoey (top): $24.00; Michael Stars (top) $28.00; Splendid (top): $12.00; DKNY (blazer): $36.00; BCBG (jeans): $88.00; Scarf: $16.00

Total before Discounts: $204.00 Yikes!

Total After Discounts: $59.00

Savings of: $145.00 Nice!

Hazel Brown (dress): $200.00; Melamed (belt): $48.00; Anthropologie (necklace): $36.00

Total Before savings: $248.00

Total after Savings: $71.00

Savings of: $177.00

Ciao Bellas!


The Ladies at Designer Renaissance

Little Black Dress

One closet essential is the Little Black Dress.  You can wear this to anything: parties, weddings, dinners, events, etc.  However, it id difficult to only buy just one since there are so many different styles!  This post shows different ways you can add to your LBD to make it look new (instead of buying others).


Update your dress by wearing a cool leather jacket over it and a nice statement necklace.

Add a cute cardigan, sweet hat, or just a different colored sash!

For work, just slip on a blazer and a scarf and it looks like a simple pencil skirt!

Put on a trendy belt and a top or turtle neck underneath to make it more unique.

Be crazy and put a skirt on over your dress and just use the top of the dress.

A few other ideas:

+ Try your dress with a chunky sweater over it so make it more casual.

+ Pair it with some animal print heels to give your dress some spice.

+ Try on an oversize lace top over your dress.

+ Find some cool vintage piece to enhance your look.

Just have fun with your little black dress.  If you can find different and new ways to wear it then you won’t be so tempted to buy another one!  If you’ve got any ideas for wearing your LBD, let us know in the comments or on facebook!

Ciao Bellas!


The Ladies at Designer Renaissance


Statement Rings

Statement rings are the easiest way to spruce up an outfit.  Whether you have on jeans and a T-shirt, a button down top, or a sundress these little pieces give your look a unique and stylish twist.



Ciao Bellas!

Love,The Girls at Designer Renaissance



Let this Year Sparkle

A sparkly top is the perfect piece for New Year’s Eve; however, after that one wear it seems to haunt the back of your closet.  Here a few ways to dress down a sequin sparkly top so you can wear it more than just once and get ALL your money out of it.


Chico’s (top): $30.00; Diesel (sweater): $24.00; Citizens of Humanity (skirt): $16.00;

Banana Republic (purse): $16.00

Chico’s (top): $30.00; 7 for all Mankind (jeans): $48.00; Elisabetta (cardigan): $30.00; Necklace: $20.00

Anna Argiolera (skirt): $28.00; Michael Stars (top): $21.00; Brooklyn Industries (blazer): $24.00;

Paper necklace: $8.00; Necklace: $24.00

These are just a few ideas to get you started.  I want to see you all sparkle this year!  Post a comment with how you wore your sparkly top in the Comments below.



The Girls at Designer Renaissance

Comfy Clothes

For those looking to take some time off to relax, we have what you need to cozy up to a nice book and cup of hot cocoa.



The Girls at Designer Renaissance



Is it Really Winter?

Hopefully all of you had the most fabulous Holiday and New Year’s Eve Celebration possible.  I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed my vacation; however, I hated the lack of snow!  One of my favorite things about winter is sledding, snowmen, and snow angels, and sadly I didn’t do any of those.  But the real mystery is why it is still in the 50’s and 40’s when it’s supposed to be freezing!  With this said, these outfits are for the new kind of Winter–a warmer Winter

Add those adorable brown boots I know you have with some sweater socks poking out the top and you are good to go!

Maggy London (dress): $21.00; Jigsaw (sweater top): $27.00; Lucky Brand (cardigan): $18.00; leather necklaces: $12.00 each; Necklace: $8.00

This is great for those days you need a little extra warmth, but not too much.

Theme (top): $8.00; Peruvian Connection (cardigan): $30.00; Anoname (jeans): $14.00; Belt: $12.00

Add some color–it’s the New Year!  Start it off right by wearing some cheerful colors with grey or brown tights!

Pure Good (long sleeve top): $15.00; Anthropologie (top): $27.00; Dimri (skirt): $10.00; Belt: $8.00

We are starting to put out our Spring clothes today!  So if you have too many warm pieces,

stop on by and we will help you out.

Ciao Bellas!


The Girls at Designer Renaissance