Checkmate! The Checkerboard Challenge

Hear Ye hear Ye!  By order of decree from the Queen one mustn’t simply pair checkerboard pattern with jeans or slacks.  Here lies a guide for all those who have an adorable top like this from the designers at Tulle ($24.00).  Follow the Queen’s order or Off with Your Head!

If you are a knight, this look may suite you well.

Lucky (top): $24.00; Scarf: $10.00; Miss Me (cords): $24.00

For those rooks, this would be more your style.

FP Mini (skirt): $28.00; Elizabeth & James (top): $68.00; Potay (necklace): $20.00

However if you’d like to look more like a royal member at court, try this!

J. Crew (top): $20.00; Betsey Johnson (dress): $40.00; necklace: $12.00; belt: $16.00

But don’t fret, we are all queens and princesses here, so make up your own rules!

(But you didn’t hear it from me: ))

Ciao Bellas!


The Girls at Designer Renaissance

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