Bored With Blouses?

There’s more you can do with a blouse than meets the eye.  Instead of simply tucking it in to a pair of slacks try one of these stylin’ options.

Try it under an intriguing top to give it a little kick!

Ever (blouse): $48.00; True Religion (cords): $68.00; Wilen (top): $36.00;

Carlisle (belt): $24.00; Necklace: $36.00, $20.00, $36.00

Put it with a short skirt and long cardigan!

Moth (skirt): $56.00; Anthropologie (top): $20.00; Max Studio (cardigan): $28.00;

bracelets: $8.00; Necklace: $36.00; Belt: $32.00

Style it over a favorite dress of yours!

RYU (dress): $20.00; Lux (vest): $16.00; Necklace: $16.00, $24.00

Or put it casually over a trendy maxi skirt.

Preston (velvet skirt): $16.00; Necklaces: $24.00, $24.00, $24.00

Now don’t skip over your button ups, have some fun and be creative!

Ciao Bellas!


The girls at Designer Renaissance

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