Falling for Fall

The beautiful weather, the changing colors, the crisp smell of the air–these are some of the lovely reasons to love fall!  Not to mention how easy it is to get inspired by the outdoors this time of year.  Those crunchy leaves are everywhere, so instead of dragging them into your house on your feet why not wear them on your clothes!  Here’s a top by Fun 2 Fun (for $28.00) to get you in the fall spirit!

Ella Moss (top): $28.00; Gavin (slacks): $40.00; Cabi (dress): $32.00;

Nordstrom (hat): $32.00; Necklace: $10.00

Ralph Lauren (dress): %56.00; Komodo (sweater): $28.00;

Carlisle (belt): $24.00; Bloomingdale’s (purse): $40.00

Free People (top): $24.00; Felicia (blazer): $36.00; Proto (jeans): $68.00;Niv Hev (necklace): $36.00;

Bracelet: $20.00; Bracelet: $16.00; Bracelet: $16.00

Now go jump in some piles of leaves!

Ciao Bellas!


The Girls at Designer Renaissance

Checkmate! The Checkerboard Challenge

Hear Ye hear Ye!  By order of decree from the Queen one mustn’t simply pair checkerboard pattern with jeans or slacks.  Here lies a guide for all those who have an adorable top like this from the designers at Tulle ($24.00).  Follow the Queen’s order or Off with Your Head!

If you are a knight, this look may suite you well.

Lucky (top): $24.00; Scarf: $10.00; Miss Me (cords): $24.00

For those rooks, this would be more your style.

FP Mini (skirt): $28.00; Elizabeth & James (top): $68.00; Potay (necklace): $20.00

However if you’d like to look more like a royal member at court, try this!

J. Crew (top): $20.00; Betsey Johnson (dress): $40.00; necklace: $12.00; belt: $16.00

But don’t fret, we are all queens and princesses here, so make up your own rules!

(But you didn’t hear it from me: ))

Ciao Bellas!


The Girls at Designer Renaissance

Bring on the Bird

This lovely necklace inspired me to make some outfits with the colors.   Try milling through your jewelry for creativity when styling!

No label $28.00

Don’t fret–these summery colors can still be transitioned into fall.

Ba8sh (jacket): $36.00; Mossimo (cardigan): $10.00;

Santiki (dress): $40.00; BCBG (skirt): $40.00

Citizens of Humanity (cords): $68.00; Michael Stars (top): $24.00;

Shae (sweater): $40.00; Bobo (belt): $16.00

Free People (skirt): $48.00; J. Crew (long sleeve shirt): $24.00;

Free People (crop cardigan): $28.00; Odille (cardigan): $20.00

Ciao Bellas!


The Girls at Designer Renaissance

Bored With Blouses?

There’s more you can do with a blouse than meets the eye.  Instead of simply tucking it in to a pair of slacks try one of these stylin’ options.

Try it under an intriguing top to give it a little kick!

Ever (blouse): $48.00; True Religion (cords): $68.00; Wilen (top): $36.00;

Carlisle (belt): $24.00; Necklace: $36.00, $20.00, $36.00

Put it with a short skirt and long cardigan!

Moth (skirt): $56.00; Anthropologie (top): $20.00; Max Studio (cardigan): $28.00;

bracelets: $8.00; Necklace: $36.00; Belt: $32.00

Style it over a favorite dress of yours!

RYU (dress): $20.00; Lux (vest): $16.00; Necklace: $16.00, $24.00

Or put it casually over a trendy maxi skirt.

Preston (velvet skirt): $16.00; Necklaces: $24.00, $24.00, $24.00

Now don’t skip over your button ups, have some fun and be creative!

Ciao Bellas!


The girls at Designer Renaissance