Tales of the Vivacious Vest…

Once upon a time a little pleather vest felt all alone in the back of dusty, scruffy old closet.  Her owner never let her off the hanger and she longed to find her perfect pair.  Unfazed by the possible wrath of her owner she leapt off the plastic and ran away through the window one gloomy night….  Vivacious vest traveled through rain, soap, and wind then sleepily dazed off into a dream.  The sun’s rays  sparkled against her shiny zipper as she woke up to find she was being showcased on a mannequin!  She felt happier than ever and was ecstatic to be dressed with two other outfits as well that same day.  Then to her surprise she found the perfect shirt for her.  And they lived happily ever after at Designer Renaissance.

Monoreno (dress): $36.00; Belt: $16.00; Necklace: $20.00

H & M (skirt): $16.00; BCBG Max (top): $40.00; Jigsaw (belt): $48.00; Shell necklace: $16.00; Hult necklace: $20.00

Buddhist Punk (top): $16.00; Sparrow (cardigan): $28.00; H & M (jeans): $16.00; beaded necklace: $68.00; necklace: $16.00

Maybe you could live happily ever after with the June (brand) vest for $48.00.

Ciao Bellas!


The Girls of Designer Renaissance

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